How To Host Your Own Prosecco Think Tank

It’s Dead Easy……


  1. Choose a date

  2. Select a location

  3. Ring up your girlfriends

  4. Tell them each to bring a friend

  5. Ask them to bring a bottle of prosecco (If you’re hosting at home)

  6. Create a fun feminist playlist (Contact VERVE if you need inspiration)

  7. Have a drink

  8. Start the conversation with a question (ex. “When did you realize you were a feminist?” or “What does feminism mean to you?” and “Which feminist issue(s) ex. Healthcare, FGM, Education, Abortion Rights etc. do you want to tackle first?”)

  9. Have a drink

  10. Let the conversation flow

  11. Have a drink

  12. Take a vote and decide on a “Plan of Action” (ex. Choose a charity or organization to support. Decide to do some volunteering. Determine how you can make your vote matter. Read “Half The Sky” and/or “We Should All Be Feminists”)

  13. Maybe eat something

  14. Have a drink

  15. Call Uber

  16. Wash your face

  17. Brush your teeth

  18. Put your mouthguard in

  19. Crawl into bed

  20. Do the whole thing again next month

Passion + Purpose + Prosecco = Perfection