What is a VERVE Think Tank?

Our VERVE Think Tanks (VTT) create forums and occasions to facilitate safe and comfortable moderated discussions on gender equality themes. We share what inspires us, what we are passionate about, what enrages us and what we want/can and will do about it.

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VERVE Think Tank in your Community

Our first VTT in 2017 was with 9 badass feminists in the kitchen of our founder and CEO’s house. Now it’s 2019 and women all over the world have hosted VTT’s in their communities from Tucson, Arizona to Touluse, France to Auckland New Zealand with 500 attendees to date.

Each VTT starts with an introduction to a theme, issue and/or cause followed by a meaningful conversation and then wrapping it all up with an easy and doable “call to action” on how to walk our talk and turn our words into action.

Want to host your own VTT in your community?

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VERVE Think Tank in the Workplace

VERVE Think Tank in the Workplace (VTTW) delivers curated think tanks on issues surrounding equality and inclusion.

VTTW is a space for safe and open conversations about how the challenges of equality and inclusion employees experience in society don’t stop at the office door because we are people before employees.

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VERVE HQ Think Tank

VERVE is London based and we host 4-6 Think Tanks locally every year. Each VERVE HQTT is a collaboration with both local and internationally recognized charities / organizations to raise funds, awareness and activism around gender equality issues.

Head over to our Collaborators page to see who we’ve partnered with.

Check out our Events page for our next HQ VTT.

Why did we take the ‘Prosecco’ out of the Think Tank?

Here is an excerpt from our VERVE Think Tank name change press release.

We are happy to announce that in our commitment to intersectionality, we’re taking the cocktail out of the name. Going forward our Think Tanks will be rebranded as VERVE Think Tanks (VTT). However, Vegan pizza and Cava will remain on the menu….

Our VERVE Prosecco Think Tanks gained international traction after being featured on Deborah Frances-Whites’ podcast The Guilty Feminist, and plans are underway for future Think Tank collaborations. We have hosted corporate VTT’s for YouTube, Google and VMLY&R, whilst our collective of badass feminists has hosted VTT’s in many cities, including London, Paris, Toulouse, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Prague, Bordeaux, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Tucson, NYC, Auckland and Tokyo. An incredible 500 + women have attended these events and 24 of our VERVE members have hosted VTT’s...

Read the full Press Release HERE