What we do?

VERVE makes it easy for everyone of us to be a participant in the feminist movement.

Our persisterhood connects women globally online and ‘onland’ through activism, volunteerism, fundraising & awareness campaigns and Prosecco Think Tanks.

Activism shouldn’t be a scary word. Activism is varied and diverse and often has underlying universal themes of equality and respect. It also can and should be a whole lot of fun!

As Alice Walker said, “Activism is the rent I pay for living on the planet.” VERVE is our way of paying the rent.

For those of us with crazy busy lives, we at VERVE want to make it easy to stay in the know about gender justice. You can help spread the word by  following, liking and sharing our posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and subscribing to our newsletter.  You can also participate in the myriad of activities VERVE organizes locally and worldwide.


VERVE embraces the privilege and opportunity to make all women’s voices  heard. Our feminism is intersectional and inclusive. We are not simply advocating for white women in the developed world. VERVE fights sexism, oppression, misogyny, human rights violations and inequality for women and girls who live under poverty and oppression. At VERVE we believe we are our sisters’ keepers.

Resist + Persist + Assist